The Thrill of Lighting Control

Experience the excitement of creating amazing lightscapes with the click of a mouse. It's never been so easy or intuitive to control lighting and produce dynamic lightshows than it is with ShowXpress from simple par fixtures to the most feature-packed moving heads. All you need is a computer and ShowXpress software. Get ready for the thrill of ShowXpress lighting control. View Product Page.


Name Release Date Download [PC] Download [MAC]
Requires New Drivers
January 18, 2019 Download Download


Name Description Download
Live_Mobile Android Download
Apple Download

Hardware & Drivers

Name Website Notes Drivers [V8] Drivers [V9]
X-Factor N/A Discontinued XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Windows 7 & 10
*XP & Vista not supported
Xpress Plus
Xpress 100 Link Available
Xpress 512 Link
Xpress 512 Plus Link
Xpress Remote Link (Only works with Xpress 512 Plus) N/A N/A


Description Online Forum
Quick Reference Guide Link
Profiles Zip
Change Log Link
Video Tutorials Link | Link 2

Training Resources

ShowXpress Tutorial Videos

Visit CHAUVET DJ Academy for Darren Fields exclusive ShowXpress training video series. FREE insights, tips, tricks and setup tutorials are just a click away!

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ShowXpress. Intuitive. Powerful

ShowXpress is intuitive and easy to use lighting control software. With just a few minutes of set up, you're just a few clicks away from incredible lighting control experiences. CHAUVET DJ is committed to helping you get up and running and on the road to creating amazing light shows with this powerful software. Here are some frequently asked questions that can make your journey easier.